Melty Mountain Sundae

I just got home. Colorado. The sunshine state. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Anyways, as I was admiring the purple mountains majesty during descent, I had a stark realization: what if global warming gets so bad that skiing becomes an antiquated sport our kids can only dream of with saucer eyes and loads of questions? Is it really going to get that bad? Has anyone else thought about this? I started to think about it because it's Thanksgiving and the mountains are like purple ice cream with fudge on top and maybe a few white sprinkles, but that's it, just a few. And I had to take my sweater off outside DIA which is the opposite of what's supposed to happen this time of year.

I was also thinking, as we were rocked by mountain-induced turbulence, that flying has to be the height of man's hubris. We pack hundreds of people, oodles of luggage, and a rattly cart (really rattly today) full of refreshments onto a piece of metal that we've put together with screws and fallibility? What about a pocket of weather that no one knew was there? Or a flock of high flying birds? Or the devil's inescapable wrath???!?! All I can say is thank God for engineers because I wouldn't trust the work of my own hands to keep me up there, and even though those other things don't generally happen, you better believe they could.

Other things that have happened here so far is that snow has been forecasted for tomorrow (but only three inches), my dog almost exploded into minidog pieces when he saw me, and the Broncos are about to turn the Titans into Snatits which is what you get when you stomp something so hard that the lettering on their shirt is imprinted backwards in the turf when you peel them off the ground.