Burglar is perhaps the wierdest word I've ever seen. Get this:

I left a bar in downtown Denver with about twelve friends late last night.   There was such a random group of us gallavanting, that we just assumed someone knew "that guy in the leather jacket." We found out later no one knew who he was. At that point, it was too late. So the bar had closed and we split up and took a cab and a car back to Marisa's house where there proceeded to be a dance party, snacking, and heavy conversations. Next thing we knew, "that guy in the leather jacket" had STOLEN Marisa's car. He had taken her wallet and her keys off the table, went out to the driveway and drove her car away without anyone noticing until he was gone! What the?? The crazy thing is that this exact same thing happened to my friend Erin up at CSU. Keys: not on the table anymore. Car: gone. PANIC ATTACK.

The fool parked illegally somewhere at about 3 in the morning, so the car was towed and impounded, and this morning Marisa went to pick it up with her dad. She had to pay a hundred bucks to retrieve her own car that had been stolen out of her own driveway. This was after the police breathalized her and her roommate and insinuated that because we had been drinking, someone had probably drunk drove the car, crashed it, forgot about it, and reported it stolen because that's what people do. What people??

What kind of people crash their cars, forget, and claim it was thieves?

What kind of people go to a house, hang out, dance, and then STEAL A CAR?

Ridiculous ones. Burglars, that's who.