I Love Prepositions, and The Wall's Still Up

Art fixed the wall (for the third time) with a guy who couldn't talk quite right. The guy was also super afraid of Quincy, which kind of made me feel bad, but out came my unintentional judgment of people who don't like dogs. People who don't like dogs are like grass: they're everywhere, but I don't want to get too close to them. (Grass being the only thing I'm horribly allergic to). I have a certain skepticism of people who can't cozy up to a pup. Is this wrong? I like to call this being "discriminatory" but it doesn't mean I "discriminate." Or does it? Can we have reservations about others without confining them to marginal reservations away from ourselves? Have you ever had an allergy test? They poke you with twenty small rods of itchiness, and the places that flare up to the point you think you'll chew your teeth into powder because they itch so bad, well, those are the things you're allergic to. Ahem, to which you're allergic. I think you should be able to end a sentence (unless it's in an essay) with a preposition or else I'd rewrite about 50% of my sentences. Prepositions are what I'm all about. What are you up to? There's no one around.

What if we could make allergy tests for everything? "I'm now going to inject you with people-who-are-afraid-of-dogs serum.....yes, it seems you have an aversion to these people. Now I'm going to inject you with people-who-make-other-people-feel-stupid liquid.....yes, serious aversion there. Now I'm going to inject you with people-who-are-nice goo...nope. No negative reaction." It would rule out a lot of failed relationships and conversations.

In the mean time, my bathroom's new wall has yellow foam coming out at the cracks and it looks kind of rabid. I'm afraid to close the window, but it's cold, and the tile floor on my bare feet feels like Antarctica with sticky pieces of waterproof glop as glaciers. It's back to work for me tomorrow, with my brace, truck-sized, strapped to my leg, to teach about prepositions and Shakespeare and why writing "y'heard me?" at the end of a formal paragraph doesn't cut it. So with all these goings-on and having to wake up before the sun, the blog posts might be


and few