Putting Out Fires, Hot Food, and Cold Drinks

I have no time! No time for anything! Today I did some tricep push-ups at the gym, they were hard, and that's about all the strength I could muster after a day of putting out small fires in the hands of high schoolers. Of import here:

1. Mardi Gras starts this weekend. Pizzo will arrive on Saturday morning. We will drink White Russian dacquiris from the drive-thru on the way home from the airport and attend many parades. Crawfish, beer, and king cake will be our sustenance. We will not be miss the entire parade like Kate and I did on Sunday because we were eating Chinese takeout and ice cream.

2. HOT WOK on Louisiana and Magazine is DELICIOUS. But if you decide to indulge, you must bump and nod to "Hot wok it out, hot wok it out, now east side wok it out, now west side wok it out." You must also run into everyone possible in Hot Wok while you are in your pajamas and trying to avoid the world. That is Hot Wok's name and awkward low-mein run-ins are its game.

3. Do not go to see 27 Dresses. Whoever gave birth to the people who wrote, directed, casted, produced, and starred in this outright flop of a movie should be ashamed of their offspring which feels worse than being ashamed of oneself. I should know. Quincy barks at children and black people.

4. There is a man who hangs out in the teachers' lounge (of my public high school) who is not a teacher, rather, an outrageously emphatic preacher who told me (after I said, "Good Lord if this copy machine breaks one more time..."), "You don't gown repent yo sins, dat devil gown roll ova you like a steamrolla!!!"

5. And the no-joke full-fat icing on this southern cake...I had to pull Tat into the hallway today for stern reiteration; NO EATING FRIED CHICKEN IN THE BACK OF MY CLASSROOM.