Rainy News, Short Shorts

It's so hot and humid here, I wore shorts to school today and Mr. El, who wears sweatpants, slippers with soles on them (so that he can pretend they're shoes), and an untucked stained polo shirt, said, first thing, "Teachers aren't allowed to wear shorts." So I said, "Yes, they are."

And he said, "Well then I'm looking forward to the day you wear some Daisy Dukes."

For the record, these were long shorts I was wearing- knee length, no less.

Then, the French teacher (a friend) interrupted my class to say, "Wear some real clothes to school, Nix!" and one of my students retorted at him: "Buy some looser pants." Touche! Why do European men wear tighter pants?

Anyways, the humidity is making my face slide sideways, and the rain comes in walls that you see in the distance, and then you hit them, bam! like a thousand golf ball raindrops pounding your windshield into a puddle, and you have to stop driving.

Coincidentally, I have also stopped wearing pants. Good riddance to soggy, seamed-in ankles, and welcome to Louisiana in April. The bank thermometer en route to I-10 this afternoon said 86 degrees.

Amongst all this, my sweet solace: I am taking a boat up to Alaska in June.