Top Ten DNC Events

The Democratic National Convention is HERE. This is what's happened so far:

1. Three very quiet very awesome helicopters circled Wash Park while I was walking Quincy, and they were so sneaky, he didn't even look up. "The Feds are coming for you," I told him and then he looked at me and picked up the pace.

2. David fell off his bike in front of the Convention Crowd and broke his arm. David will be mad that I publicized this information. Michael will call David and say, "You broke your arm?" and David will say, "Did Megan tell you that? It's nothing," and Michael will call me and say, "David broke his arm? Is he ok?" and I will say, "Listen. The Democratic National Convention is the only thing I'm thinking about right now."

3. Hillary wore a suit and a lot of make-up last night and said nothing profound.

4. No politician said anything as intelligently as the characters on The West Wing. Although I'm listening to Joe Biden's son right now and mama like.

5. We had our own mini debate last night. David said, "What color is Hillary's suit? Pumpkin?" Teenie and I said, in unison, "Tangerine." But I think it might have actually been closer to Pumpkin.

6. Obama got here today. He ordered...a Pumpkin Spice Latte at the airport.

7. A lot of people stood up a lot of times for no reason in a large auditorium.

8. Three idiots got arrested for saying they want to kill Obama.

9. Oprah rented an apartment for less than a week in my neighborhood for $50,000.

10. Bill Clinton winked at every Democrat in the country and then bit his tongue in the side of his mouth.