I Love Fall and Men and Women

Anne and I went hiking yesterday.  An old lady got pulled over by her two wiggly dogs and we got worried about broken hips.  Then I almost got pulled over by Quincy and I got worried about broken knees. Are our bodies our number one concern?  Should they be?

We talked about Sarah Palin and the supposed propensity of women to vote for other women, which sounds pretty stupid to me since half the people in the world are women and they are not necessarily any better or smarter or worse or more stupid than men.   We all have coils of brains and hemoglobin and hearts that pump red blood through blue veins.  We should choose the best person, not the best man or woman.  Dividing creates divisions.

So.  Sarah Palin's daughter has a uterus and now there's a baby in there.  What I'm interested in is who's going to make big decisions for our country.

Also, the New Orleanians will be let back in at midnight tonight.  I slept better last night than I have in the last week.  Michael told me Gustav means "Staff of God," so now I wonder if people are saying New Orleans is in the midst of a Redemption Intervention.

What about the merit of revising?  Ray Nagin did better than good, took the most defiant population in the country, and taught them how to manage the fact that we are fragile and must guide that brittleness with calculated caution.  What I think is that storms change direction and everything else should, too, because being stubborn will turn our bones and brains to powder.

The cold front two nights ago in Denver felt like a tornado coming.  Quincy has a cough, hoodie weather has arrived, and change in the air means its time for me to paint some walls, take special care of my joints, and give in to learning more about politics than the biology of its candidates and their children.