We are under contract on a house. I'm not sure if I should say this here. The house is not the place I expected to like, but I do. Actually, I refused to let the realtor take us there the first few times she tried. When I finally said yes, I was set on another house and just wanted to see how they squeezed a bathroom upstairs in a similar amount of square footage. It is not ours, but it is mine in my head, and I have gone from under-thinking about it to over-thinking everything that has to do with it. My friend Sara said that when she looked for houses, she imagined herself into every corner of the space and that's exactly what I've been doing. Instead of writing, I look at paint colors. Instead of trying to be less materialistic since we'll have less money soon (whether this is the house or not), I find myself wanting more and more things. I found a quote in someone else's house online that says, "All I want to be is someone that makes new things and thinks about them," and I can't figure out if that's an artistic or a selfish thing to say.

I hurt my back. I saw a chiropractor who took both of my hands in his. That rubbed me wrong. Then he cracked me wrong. He said the body is self-healing. But then he charged me $53. His assistant hooked up electrodes to my back and the current bounced through my muscles like tiny angry animals. I am not going back. Instead, I have a heating pad and have been only walking and slowly swimming.

Today at La Familia, there were only three of us in the pool: a man who always wears a Speedo and is pretty fit besides his paunch, a woman who never puts her head under the water while swimming freestyle, and the woman with the snorkel and a bubbly black butt that sticks up out of the surface of the water and who was at another Denver pool at the same time as me on Saturday. The lifeguard tonight was my favorite one--the one who breakdances on the pool deck and plays hip hop I can hear between sets.

When I got home, the neighbors were having cigarettes and PBRs on the hood of their car in the parking lot. They love living here. We do too. But we are leaving for somewhere with a garden and sloped floors (unless they fall down during the inspection) and a few more rooms that will hold a few more dreams.