Paying it Forward

Bad things happen. Like my car got towed. Like I got rear-ended by a big red pick-up truck and the man who hit me wasn't very nice. Like the lady at Jazzfest who sold me a bogus ticket for $35 and continued to talk to me sweetly for 10 minutes after pocketing my pilfered cash. When I tell Luke about my recent lack of faith in humanity, I say, "I can't believe there are people out there like that!"

And he says, "Only some people."

He's right. After getting a monster speeding ticket this morning, I sit next to a total stranger at a high school projects contest who says, "If you trust me, give me that ticket."

After last weekend, I'd prefer not to trust people. Right now, I can't afford to not trust a smile and outstretched hand. I give him my eerily similar situation to one that left me a little more broke and a lot more scowly last week.

I get a phone call. I don't answer it. I don't trust strange numbers.

"Megan...this is Al, the one who took your ticket. It's been taken care of."

I love you, human beings. Thank you, Al.

(State trooper, shove it). (Cops might not be human beings).